This is the FAQ for the RSI-UK mailing list. The initial version of the FAQ was written mostly by Douglas Hall in May 1999. Since then there have been a few additions and amendments, but at present (12/06/2000) the FAQ is not being maintained or regularly posted or updated. However, most of the information in it should still be valid.

As most people who will be reading this FAQ will have got RSI through keyboard use, the information and advice is angled towards this set of sufferers. However most of the information/advice will apply to people with RSI from other causes.

Advice given on the internet is no substitute for expert medical advice. Always consult your GP.


  1. What is the RSI-UK list?
  2. What is discussed on the RSI-UK list?
  3. How do I subscribe to the the RSI-UK list?
  4. How do I unsubscribe to the RSI-UK list?
  5. Where can I find out more about RSI?

What is the RSI-UK list?

RSI-UK is a mailing list for the discussion of RSI from a UK perspective. The list is primarily intended for use by people living in the UK who either have RSI problems themselves, or are caring for someone with RSI, or are concerned that they may be developing RSI.

What is discussed on the RSI-UK list?

Treatment; pain relief; social security benefits; legal aspects; coping techniques; adaptive equipment (such as ergonomic keyboards, pointing devices, voice recognition packages, break-reminder software, and workstation furniture); pacing techniques; and other RSI-related subjects. The list is non-commercial, and advertising is not allowed.

How do I subscribe to the the RSI-UK list?

To join, send an empty email to

A few tips about posting:

The RSI-UK mailing list is kindly hosted by Loud-n-Clear Ltd.

How do I unsubscribe to the RSI-UK list?

To leave send a blank e-mail to

Where can I find out more about RSI?

The Repetitive Strain Injury Association (RSIA)

The RSI Association provides information, support and advice to people with Repetitive Strain Injuries. The Association also promotes better understanding of the condition through research, publicity and campaigning.

Please do join the RSIA!

It currently has about 2000 members and publishes a quarterly newsletter. It provides a telephone helpline Monday to Friday 11.30 am to 4.00 pm.

The RSIA can supply two information packs:

To contact the Association:

RSI Association
380-384 Harrow Rd.
W9 2HU
Tel. 0171 266 2000 (General enquires)
Tel. 0800 018 5012 (Freephone helpline)

There are approximately 30 local support groups spread around the country. Contact the RSIA for your nearest one. The RSIA also has a list of people throughout the country who are willing to talk to other sufferers.

Information about RSI on the Web?

Both RSI-UK and the TIFAQ include links to many other RSI-related websites. Bear in mind, though, that much of the information will be duplicated from site to site, and clicking can be painful. A targeted search (e.g., for information about trigger points) is likely to be more productive than random surfing.

There is no site which has the definitive answer to RSI.

Good books on RSI

Get the following books through your local lending library or from one of the internet bookshops (the latter often sell the books at a discount).